Nano CBD Effective

You may have seen the terms “nanoemulsified CBD” or “water-soluble CBD” tossed into a CBD product description like they’re household words. But what do they actually mean? The explosion of the CBD industry has created so much new vocabulary that sometimes it seems like you need a pocket translator just to do your CBD shopping. Here, we’ll […]

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The Difference Between Water and Oil-Soluble Cbd
CBD Molecule

It’s important to read the labels of the products you take, so you understand what is going into your body! If you take a close look at the labels of various CBD supplements on the market, you will quickly notice that most of them are made with CBD oil. But what exactly are the other […]

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Why Water Soluble CBD?
Bioavailable CBD

We think back when CBD first became popular and how to get a highly bioavailable form of CBD into our bodies. We wanted to try a CBD tincture. We grabbed the CBD tincture, apprehensively squeezed a drop under our tongue, and instantly made “that face”. I wanted to like it, I knew it was good […]

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